Altcoins have a different cult of followers and investors as its for Bitcoin and we witnessed the same frenzy in the year of 2021 so what about 2022..?

Well 2022 seems to be little on backfoot in the beginning as the crypto markets are a bit stagnant and the wild scale fluctuations in prices seems to be on the lower side for now but it should not bother any one who have made their investments in the crypto assets after quite a good amount of research.

So here’s to the WeareRare list of top 10 Altcoins that we predict to have a good potential in 2022 and in the years to come.

  1. Ethereum (ETH)                                                                                                     

2021 in a sense was really an important year for Ethereum starting from the skyrocketing gas fees to implementation of London hard fork Ethereum seems to have come a long way through out the year.

With ETH 2.0 in the pipeline Ethereum is already on a move to become the number one player in the crypto market. The long awaited ETH 2.0 aims to reduce the gas fees to the near zero levels with phenomenal increase in the transaction speeds using shard chains we expect ETH to be in the front of all other altcoins.

The ETH 2.0 upgrades are already in place with the Beacon chain live and the merge for the mainnet of Ethereum with the beacon chain happening in 2022 to be exact June 2022 as per the official site which will put an end to the energy-intensive mining process and thus putting one of the drawbacks of negative environmental impact by Ethereum to an end once and for all. if it was not all that sufficient icing on the cake is the shard chains which is expected to be deployed by 2023 that will take care of the scalability issue of ETH.

Considering all of the above ETH seems to be looking more promising than any other altcoins right now and during this stagnant times in the crypto market ETH seems to be in an upward trend all along which can be seen clearly in the below chart.

ETH/BTC: Source: Binance

The above chart reflects the ever rising sentiment contributed by the booming of the NFT markets and the DeFi markets.

2. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

In real sense if a crypto have changed anyone’s life for good in 2021 it has to be the SHIB token.

Often made fun for it’s meme status and no real case usability the SHIB token have seen it all. Shiba Inu came out as the most successful coin in 2021 with the astronomical price rise to 44,234,210% in a single year which means if you would have invested 1$ in SHIB at the begining of the year 2021 it would have turned to 442,342$. SHIB have made many millionaires in 2021 so what about 2022..?

Well 2022 seems not different with the popularity of the SHIB token reaching to the moon and with more and more merchants and the exchanges listing SHIB token we are looking towards a wide spread adoption. The SHIB army which the Shiba Inu Hodlers call themselves seems to be a strong community last time we had this kind of a sentiment was when another meme coin DOGE was introduced.

Will SHIB token reach 1 cent..? Considering the total supply getting burned on a day to day basis with new NFTs getting minted and wide spread adoption 1cent is not a far fetched goal.

3. Solana (SOL)

2021 was a really worthy year for Solana in terms of price and performance with some exceptions of course in terms of occasional blackouts.

Solana with its lightening fast speeds thanks to its proof of stake mixed with proof of history blockchain the transactions on SOL network are processed at lightening fast speed with very cheap transaction costs. SOL have made way to the top 5 cryptocurrency in the world during the year 2021 and continues to be in the fifth position in terms on market cap in the year 2022 which can be seen in the below screenshot from coinmarket cap.

SOL have the capacity to outperform or to be in par with Ethereum if few security concerns and the occasional blackout issues are fixed. Solana seems to be a reliable bet in the crypto world and keeps itself worthy of the few coins to look for in the coming years.

4. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin or DOGE is the predecessor of SHIB token the first famous meme coin only to share its popularity with SHIB in 2021.

DOGE like SHIB have a wide popularity and a cult following who have been holding to the coin for years from the coins inception. The year 2021 was a phenomenal year that turned this meme crypto to be a better investment option as it was backed by World’s richest man Elon Musk who never misses an opportunity to mention DOGE on every tv show and in his twitter feed. He even went far to mention that Tesla may accept DOGE as a mode of payment for some of its products.

As long as DOGE rides the waves of its popularity and have a honest backing from Elon Musk it will be a good investment opportunity in the crypto world in 2022 as the coin may further reach its new heights.

5. Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB the native token of the Binance exchange ranks 3rd in the world as per market capitalization only after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With the simplicity of the user interface, the speed and the security that comes with the Binance blockchain more and more cryptos are launched more frequently on this chain. The new coins launched on BNB often have the tendency to sky rocket in value for a few days from its initial launch and if the coin doesn’t have any use cases often falling to the rock bottom. As more people uses this technique of making few quick bucks by buying the new coins when launched and selling it as soon as the price rises more and more BNB tokens are used which leads to a widespread demand for the BNB coins.

Apart from the above scenario being a native coin of the world’s largest exchange is not a joke. Binance exchange ranks at number 1 as the biggest exchange in the world. Any spot trading, buying and selling coins, future bids on exchange needs the investor to hold BNB for the same as a result BNB coin have the ever increasing demand among the investors.

BNB coins at the time of writing this article is valued at 512$ and as the crypto market seems to be on a steady growth and the large scale transactions taking place on the exchanges like Binance on a day to day basis the value of BNB token is expected to only rise in 2022 as well and reach new heights which makes BNB a must buy token in your portfolio.



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