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Virtual convention Dr Joseph Rosado, MD

          Dr Joseph Rosado, MD is one of the world’s most respected medical authorities on cannabis as plant-based medicine. With over four decades of experience as a healthcare professional, he’s built a career anchored in...
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National rare disease day Ruben

National rare disease day. Feb 28th marks the 14th national rare disease day. Rubens Story. In 2019 we received a message from a lovely mum-to-be, Rachel, who reached out to us regarding her sons diagnosis of #Schizencephaly. At 34 weeks gestation during...
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Comedian Brad Williams raises over $30,000 to send bullied 9-year-old to Disneyland

Comedian Brad Williams, who also has Dwarfism, saw the story, and it hit too close to home. So he decided to do something beautiful by trying to raise $10,000 to help send Quaden and his mother from Australia to Disneyland in California. https://megaphone.upworthy.com/p/brad-williams-quaden-bullied...
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