Does Ethereum have the same potential as Bitcoin?


Ethereum like Bitcoin is a decentralized currency but its more of a ledger technology than a currency as on Ethereum more apps are built and smart contracts are executed using the codes on the Ethereum blockchain.

Understanding Ethereum’s capabilities more and more investors and celebrities have joined the Ethereum band wagon to name a few, some of the most famous supporters of Ethereum are famous Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, American football star Richard Sherman and now recently Ethereum gains one more billionaire in it’s support list who is none other than Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks who is also very Bullish about Ethereum.

On a recent CNBC show when asked to recommend the new investors of which crypto he would suggest them to begin with.

Mark Cuban says “As an investment, I think Ethereum has the most upside”.

He also mentions Bitcoin and also considers Bitcoin to be a better investment than Gold.

Mark Cuban’s support for Ethereum is not a surprise as Ethereum for most of the people is a go to investment after Bitcoin though Bitcoin nowadays have become a store of value and the utility of the Bitcoin as an exchange medium have reduced Ethereum on the other hand fulfils both criteria as its used as a store of value on top of that with the benefits of smart contracts it has a wide range of other functionality let it be building dApps , NFTs  or the most important one of DeFi.

Mark Cuban have earlier also supported DeFi  and have stated it as a powerful instrument which has the ability to disrupt the traditional finance instruments. According to him DeFi have done what traditional finance can’t do of allowing anyone with funds to become a lender.

Ethereum seems to be grabbing the attention of many institutional investors and by more and more people investing in Ethereum it sure can reach the potential of Bitcoin if it maintains this trajectory in the coming future.


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