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We are looking for families and patients over 18 years, that are interested in showing us the beautiful, demanding, charming, frustrating, and crazy life of special needs living and parenting from across the globe.

Tell us what we already know. What is it like for you the parent or you the patient? Be funny or be serious…we want you to just be raw. from the Gtube mishaps, the late nights in emergency rooms, and even the snuggles after a terrible event like a seizure. We know what it’s like here at RARE but we want others to understand life as a special needs family.

We are asking families or individuals to submit a video less under one minute with a clip saying

For Parents  YES, this means you too dads!! “You know you’re a special needs parent when”…

For the individual ” You know you are different or are uniquely abled (whatever you want to use) when…”

Be creative, be honest, and help others understand what we all go through but hardly ever talk about. Do not hold back. Maybe you want others to understand what it is like to not have close friends that understand, or perhaps a support system in place with family. Share this. let others know it is not always what it seems. I don’t’ know about other special needs parents but the parents we talk to always mention no sleep anxiety, stress, and then of course those raw moments for the world to see life through your eyes.

We ask all submissions to be in by Jan 15 for editing. Please send your videos and information to

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