COVID-19 kills children with intellectual disabilities at higher rates.

Several papers have shown how devastating the novel coronavirus has been for the elderly, minorities and people with underlying health conditions, but some researchers point out that studies on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are lacking.


Now, new research shows people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism are more likely to become infected by and die from COVID-19, especially at younger ages.

In Pennsylvania, people with intellectual disabilities and autism who tested positive for COVID-19 die twice as much as other non-IDD coronavirus individuals, the outlet reported.

In New York, people with IDD “die at a rate 2.5 times the rate of others who contract the virus,” NPR found.

The high rate of death “is disturbing, but it’s not surprising,” Landes told the outlet.

“These people are marginalized across the spectrum,” Christopher Rodriguez, executive director of Disability Rights Louisiana, which monitors the state’s homes for the disabled, told Voice of America.

“If you have developmental disabilities, you are seen as less than human. You can see it in education, civil rights, employment. And now, you can see it by how they are being treated during the pandemic,”



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