Message from RARE to medically fragile families covid-19 coronavirus

A message to our families and friends from

We Are RARE Inc

RARE familiesDue to the amount of emails we have received over the last few weeks we know you have concerns and questions.

One of the biggest questions we get is

should we self isolate?

This is an extremely dangerous situation for families we work with. We believe all families should be prepared for possible national lockdowns.

Is my loved one at risk and what do underlying conditions really mean for epilepsy and traumatic brain injury patients?

At this time there are supporting documents that people with severe underlying conditions are not being helped as much as younger healthier people for that reason and because people with underlying conditions are more susceptible to these kinds of respiratory virus issues, your loved one IS at risk and has a high possibility of hospitalization and ventilation if they or you have multiple underlying conditions and come into contact with the coronavirus causing covid19.

During this time we urge you to go to our previous blog with downloadable information on underlying conditions including epilepsy, cerebral palsy and stroke etc.

We also want to remind you that we have medically fragile individuals that we are caring for and that everyone should stay home as much as possible avoiding most if not all contact from outside the home. That includes friends.

This is a silently carried virus for many  healthy people.

To immune-compromised people it can be deadly.

Clean your DME supplies before they come into the home, Lysol and open boxes outside instead of dragging them inside the home.. Use gloves if possible.

Use gloves when getting mail.

The following article was released by Forbes and goes into great detail about the possibility of what can happen if the disabled community starts to overwhelm hospitals.

Unfortunately we know that is not going to be a good situation for anyone with several underlying conditions so we urge you to use great caution when or  if you must go into the public..

Please keep your family safe during this time. We will all get through this together.

We are here for you

We are warriors! We are RARE! 💜💚



We Are RARE inc.


Article below

Article The truth about disability and covid19

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