Mariah’s a Rare Gem

Mariah wasn’t going to let her condition get in the way of anything she wanted to do.

As a result her company was created through determination and encouragement of those around her.


Her story should remind us all that our challenges do not define or confine us rather give us new avenues to explore in a complex and beautifully rare brain.

Mariah was born with Schizencephaly; an uncommon brain malformation caused before birth.

Schizencephaly can cause muscle weakness/tightness, seizures, memory issues, walking difficulty for both unilateral and bilateral cases as well as other underlying conditions that can be generalized for localized for the individual with the condition.


You can read a little bit more about Mariah’s specific case on her website. About

From Mariah

Hello! My name is Mariah, I am a special needs person who doesn’t let my handicap get in the way of my love for beading. I have my mom help me with getting the beads onto the correct material that is requested by a customer. I come up with the patterns all myself. I do beading because it helps me with my OCD when I make jewelry.


Rarity Jewelry Inc. is not your typical business. What started one Christmas with a simple gift of over 1000 beads. Rarity Jewelry Inc. has grown into a source of lucrative income for the owner Mariah.

let’s help her by sharing with others and allowing her dream of making and selling her creations of handmade jewelery.

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