Sunflower Syndrome Awareness Day 2019

Join We are RARE and families worldwide as we celebrate life and raise awareness for this unique and under researched condition.
Sunflower syndrome is a rare, epileptic disorder characterized by highly stereotyped seizures. During these seizures, individuals with Sunflower syndrome turn toward a bright light while simultaneously waving one hand in front of their eyes. This unique behavior is coupled with abrupt lapses in consciousness according to Massachusetts general hospital neurology.

Symptoms of Sunflower syndrome include an initial attraction to bright light, followed by seizure activity that includes episodes of hand waving and disruptions of consciousness. As stated above, these episodes typically start before the age of ten. A form of epilepsy that involves self induction by facing the Sun and waving a open hand in front of ones eyes. There is little to NO conclusive research
We are RARE has proclamation forms at the following link that will assist families with this condition gain awareness and legal forms for representation.

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