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(“Beautiful Scars”: an engrossing story blending family issues, love, faith, and fantasy. “Beautiful Scars” is the creation of published author E.S. Favero, who has overcome the limitations of a brain disorder called schizencephaly)


Beautiful Scars

“Joshua Taylor is feeling good about his life being on track since he and his mom moved to Colorado. He feels confident that nothing can stop him from going back to his old careless, bad-boy ways. But when his friend’s stepsister Ambree Cameron comes to town, and she seems to be perfect, he can’t resist. It feels like they have a special connection. Joshua is also excited to be a vigilante to help protect the citizens from harm.

Ambree just wants to be loved and can’t help but to pursue handsome, sweet Joshua even though she knows that her stepsister Sydney has a crush on him. She is happy to get away from her mom and her new stepfamily, especially her new stepsister Emalyn, who has cerebral palsy. Ambree thinks that she should be having fun, and she thinks that she can do whatever she wants because she is eighteen. When she ends up hanging out with Joshua because her stepsister is out of town for the summer, they end up falling in love.

Then an unexpected thing happens, changing Joshua and Ambree’s lives forever, making them realize what is important in life. But after time has passed, who will crack under the pressure? Who will stay? Who will realize that scars from the past can become something really beautiful?”

About the Author:

“Beautiful Scars”: an engrossing story blending family issues, love, faith, and fantasy. “Beautiful Scars” is the creation of published author E.S. Favero, who has overcome the limitations of a brain disorder called schizencephaly with the help of God’s grace. Today, Emily strives to be a light in the world and to help people to see a different perspective through her writing.

Emily was adopted into a Christian home from South Korea when she was 5 months old. She was
born with Schizencephaly, which is a type of Cerebral Palsy. Her birth mom took some cough
medicine before she knew she was pregnant. That medicine caused a stroke while her brain was
forming, causing problems with her speech and motor functions.
When Emily was 13 a girl made fun of her speech. After that she didn’t talk to anyone, except her
family, for 5 years. She lost all her confidence. She realized that she wasn’t the same as the other
kids. She became depressed.
Emily decided to buy an iPod Touch to make her feel a little more normal. It opened a whole new
world for her. She was able to make friends online. They didn’t see her disability. They just wanted
to talk to her like she was normal.
When she was 15 one of her best friends died unexpectedly. And that same year her other best friend
moved away. She became more depressed than ever.
Emily’s parents wanted to cheer her up… so they planned a trip to California. She had wanted to go to a
live taping of a TV show but it got canceled. She tweeted that she was disappointed and to her
surprise the Producer and Writer of the show replied. He invited her to visit the set! They became
good friends and he made her feel special. Several months later she was able to attend a taping of his
TV show and he encouraged her to write stories. This wasn’t the first time that someone told her she
should write but she wasn’t sure about it because when she was younger she didn’t like to write at all!
But she decided to give it a try.
Through social media Emily found a friend in Central America who she “acted” with through texting
almost all day every day. They did impromptu. Her friend was sad when winter break was over so
Emily decided to write a chapter of a story each day for her friend to look forward to when she got
home from school.
She posted some of her stories on social media. Before long she had 15,000 people reading her stories
and people couldn’t wait for more.
At first it was fun. But then one day Emily didn’t hear from her friend and Emily stopped writing the
Then, Emily had some health problems and her sister, who was her best friend, moved out abruptly.
Emily felt devastated and abandoned. She felt like her whole world fell.
Some days were very dark and she didn’t even get out of bed until 5 PM.
She attempted suicide.
But God was always there looking out for her. He gave her Christian friends that pointed her back to
When all her friends were serving God through missions trips or internships or something. She felt
alone and like there wasn’t anything she could do to serve God and others. After all she couldn’t walk
or talk or use her hands much.

She had had dreams to be an Obstetrician or at least an OB tech but she could only do so much
physically with her disability.
She thought, “Why did God, the creator of the earth, create me this way? Why can’t I do the normal
things? Do I even have a purpose or am I just an extra person? “
Then, she thought about how she could serve God with the things that she could do like writing, taking
pictures, painting, and just being there for people.
She took a leap of faith, trusting that God would use her. She felt God didn’t want her to hide anymore
and to be worried about what people would think of her when she revealed her true self to them.
She realized that she could start a blog to inspire and encourage people with the daily battle of life. It
didn’t have to be with fancy words and even if it helped just one person it’d be worth it.
She didn’t know what she was doing. But she learned to be still and wait on God.
She also discovered that writing was helpful with her frustrations and anxiety.

As she got more serious about her relationship with God, she realized that there wasn’t really anything
out there for late teens and young adults to read that had some substance to it but yet was fun at the
same time. Writing was one of the things that she could do, so she decided to change the story that she
wrote for her friend a bit to expose people to God’s love.
Emily typed the story out one letter at a time over a 3 year period. It truly was a labor of love. Many
times she wanted to quit but she didn’t.
In Part 2 of her book, she shares more of her personal experiences through a fictional character. That is
her favorite part of the book. She put some of her own struggles and pain in there so people could get a
taste of what it is like to be someone like her in this world.
She still has to fight everyday to find joy. The enemy is always trying to steal it. But she is confident
that God is working everything for His will in her life.


Congratulations for this wonderful new chapter for this new upcoming Author. What a testimony for talent facing adversity.

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