2017 We are RARE Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: R.A.R.E. to host 2nd Annual Conference on Schizencephaly in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida – Established in 2011, We Are R.A.R.E., Inc. is a 501(c)(3) initiative made up of experts inSchizencephaly, including parents with family members facing these challenges and aimed at providing research, awareness, and education about fetal stroke issues. The foundation works with a families of children who suffered a stroke or disturbance at some point in the brain development before birth within the first trimester.

The 2017 “We Are RARE ” My Beautiful Brain convention will be focusing on Neurology, Cannabis case studies and education for traumatic brain injury and treatment for underlying conditions associated with Schizencephaly and other rare brain malformations,seizures and cerebral Palsy.  We are expecting a total of 400 to 500 attendees this convention. some coming for legislative information for their own diseases and conditions. The doors are open for all to be educated on the subject of their family’s healthcare.

Tricia Dennis and co-founder Ron Casella decided to join forces with other parents that volunteer their time to the organization to raise awareness and provide support and updated information regarding causes and prevention for Schizencephaly.  It’s expected that the 2017 attendance will reach well over 400 individuals who are seeking support and knowledge on the subjects presented. 

“After being featured on Nancy Grace’s television show for an “Extraordinary Parent” award in 2008, the phone calls started coming in from other parents who felt they were all alone in their struggle to learn about Schizencephaly,” stated Tricia Dennis.  “My family’s story was the inspiration to provide resources for the families who are seeking answers.” 

The convention will cover many topics but one of the key topics and discussions will be cannabis and how children and adults are going weeks to months seizure free on cannabis even though missing substantial areas of the brain.

Families will be traveling from across the globe to attend, including refugees speaking about their treatments with cannabis and how it is the only medicine that the families have found positive changes for Schizencephaly and Stroke aftermath. All Attendees, Sponsors and Vendors must register. Event is free. Paid tickets receive swag bag.
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