Andrew Bishops adventure


Andrew is an amazing young man with a mind that even more beautiful than his smile.
It seems we’ve known Andrew since he was practically a baby when he and my son began swimming together with the dolphins.
Andrew has bilateral Schizencephaly and had a very special wish.
Andrews mom Stephanie Akins Bishop is a parent that allows her children the opportunity to live their dreams by telling andrew he is limitless! Because,  he is!

Andrews mom and dad have always given Andrew the opportunity to explore this amazing world and it was early on after meeting Andrew I knew he would do amazing things because his parents have made sure he can do anything he wants

I can’t think of a better story to share this Friday.

“Don’t be afraid to catch feels” Andrew got a heart melting personality
So proud of you Andrew ! Meet andrew and the bishop family at the 2017 convention speaking about programs,  therapy and even make a wish


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