Schizencephaly and Sports

Just the contribute to the amazing accomplishments of our children who have rare brian disorders is their ability to participate in sports.

Sports can be an instrumental tool in helping your child socially in addition to promoting mobility and healthy exercise. Similar to the different therapies (i.e. physical, speech, occupational, and stress), the stretches, muscle repetition and flexibility techniques can all improve range of motion. Given cerebral palsy is common with children who have Schizencephaly and many other brain disorders, it is critical to do any activity that encourages the use of normally dormant muscles.

Therapy can become very taxing on a child. He or she often associates it with work. This is another benefit of getting involved in a sport, is the implication of implementing a positive activity that your child can have fun doing. Even an individual who is not physically challenged has more interest in doing something when they enjoy it versus seeing it as work.

So what sports are recommended? Well that depends on the interests and abilities of your child.

Here are some activities that our children participate in…
Gymnastics – flexibility and muscle strengthening
Baseball – coordination and range of motion
Dance – muscle retention and coordination

Our schizencephaly parents, what sports or activity is your child involved in?

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