Seizures (includes video)

  1. Seizures and Schizencephaly


videos submitted and used for this page can be upsetting to some.

Due to the fact that in cases of Schizencephaly there are missing areas of the brain. Seizures can play a huge role in children’s and adults  lives. Managing seizures on top of the multitude of other issues associated with Schizencephaly can become a very hard task and can go on for years or the child or young adults entire lifetime.

Many children are on 1 to 4 medications if not more to help with uncontrollable seizing many to choose to try VNS implants to stop seizure activity. this has shown both unsuccessful in some and successful for others.  In some cases children cannot be controlled and they will have surgical procedures removing the isolated areas that are causing disruptions. Schizencephaly seizures vary from day to day.

A temporal lobe resection is a surgery performed on the brain to control seizures. In this procedure, brain tissue in the temporal lobe is resected, or cut away, to remove the seizure focus. The anterior (front) and mesial (deep middle) portions of the temporal lobe are the areas most often involved.

There are currently several case studies showing cannabis is improving bone density, seizure activity, digestion and cognitive ability .

Please talk to your doctor about medical Marijuana if you think this is right for your family.


Heather Leigh-Unilateral adult and board member ( Grand Mal seizure ) video

Clonic– many children with Schizencephaly have these. similar to Absent.

Absent– also known as focal. staring into space

grand mal – this seizure consists of complete muscle atrophy and intense shaking

Drop – many children and young adults with these types of seizures have experiences 7 to 10 minute precursors before then just drop

Limbic-Gelastic ( this type of seizure is one that mimics laughing and boughts of intense fear. )

 Cluster– several types or one type one after another
 These are four types of seizures Noah has

Grand Mal

Gelastic (laughing seizure)

Cluster Seizures


Noah after adding medical Marijuana

Noah now has fewer pharmaceutical drugs, signs and verbally speaks after 16 years of not being interested

He failed 11 medications and was considered uncontrolled, until today.

Jasons seizures

Graysons seizures