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Alexander PolinskyAlexander “Sky” Polinsky

is a 3rd generation American actor/writer/artist/musician living and working in Hollywood, California.  He is the creator/founder of Avatarism, the open source game/philosophy of conscious character creation and transformation. Alexander is an actor in film, TV, commercials, and animation. As a singer/songwriter, Alexander co-wrote a recent, chart-topping track in the house/EDM genre: “We Fade,” featuring Alexander Sky. He was also known as the youngest actor in the show Charles in Charge.

Humorous, confrontational, and spellbinding are some of the ways people describe Alex’s lectures and workshops. Alexander describes himself as a spiritual entertainer in the lineage of Alan Watts, influenced by Ram Dass, Robert Anton Wilson, and Han Solo, with a little Jim Morrison and Kermit the Frog mixed in.

His book called “Altar Yourself, is a Guide to Avatarism,” is due for completion in January 2016.

It’s an art book/guide book/work book for adventurous souls, rebels, artists, lovers of fantasy, nerds, and anyone who has the idea that they may be destined for more.

For more information about Alex please visit his websites and learn all about his upcoming projects.

We look forward to working with him in the near future.


Avatarism is an easy, fun, and powerful way to permanently change the quality of your character, heal yourself,and find completely new ways of being.  When you discover the path to investing in your character, you discover your true self.














 Learning in America


Getting Involved and Staying Involved

Family Commitment Contracts are powerful tools for any parenting or teaching arsenal.  Whether a student begins using them at home or school, they create an increased sense of community.  Students see that nothing is as important as their education.  Because of this, parents and teachers see self-esteem soar to new heights, driving the student’s to work harder and smarter.

Join the Learning In America family today and make a difference your student’s life and future.




 PSP PSP (Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy)


Sharon Rae (Mueller) Franke 1944-2010

What is PSP? The medical name is Progressive SupraNuclear Palsy also known as Steele Richardson Olszewski Syndrome. It is a disease somewhat similar to Parkinson’s disease, and it currently has no cure, no treatment, no vaccination, and there’s no hope of recovery from it. The cause of the disease is unknown. Estimates vary, but it is believed that as many as 14 in every 100,000 people suffer from PSP. PSP normally affects people in their 50s to 70s, but more often in the early to mid 60’s but people much younger than this have contracted it. Dudley Moore, who was an actor was diagnosed with PSP.
PSP is a rare neurololgical disorder, often diagnosed by a Neurologist. Some symptoms include stiff neck/muscles, trouble swallowing, trouble with speech, unexplained gait unsteadiness, unexplained falls and general weakness. There is no treatment, no Labs to diagnose this disease and no cure. PSP is more likely to show up in males then females.

Please click Sharon’s picture or follow this link for more information



Katie’s Kreative

Katie was born with unilateral Schizencephaly. She is a talented artist and an inspiration to many families. With limited mobility and using mainly one hand she never ceases to create beautiful works of art. Katie was awarded this year in pencil category. 2nd for best in show for adult visual arts. ACC Woman’s Club Art Festival 2015


Please visit her link and send your photos to her so she can turn them into amazing artwork.

Katie says

“I believe that it has made me stronger as a person. Due to the condition, I have very limited use of my right hand. Fine motor movements are very difficult. Thankfully, God gave me the ability to express myself through art and hopefully inspire others.”



Artist Katie

Artist Katie





is a secure platform designed with several unique assistive technology features to help make modern devices accessible and secure for everyone.”

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