Donations for We Are RARE through some handmade and creations from our board.


Schizencephaly Seizure catcher 

Purple and green Seizure catcher



Schizencephaly My Beautiful brain Tee

Schizencephaly ” My Beautiful Brain” tee


LED Storytime Blankets for RARE Donation

The Story Blanket  is a duvet cover and comforter with 133 miniature LED’s. The comforter plays a themed soundtrack while the duvet cover softly bubbles with light.  The sound can be played in two ways. There is a two minute light and sound show for storytime or playtime and a one minute fading light show for sleepy time.  Choose from a Space theme, a Princess theme, a Heroes theme, and a Kitty theme. You know how years ago, you would see cars with ‘glowing’ lights under them? That’s what this does to your child’s bed!  It is really neat! Your child will no longer be afraid of ‘monsters under the bed’ when they have a Lulla Beds Bed Effects Light.








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