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Episode 198: Her Son Was Born With A Rare Birth Defect Of The Brain. Cannabis is Providing Relief.

From Conventions to media relations, We are R.A.R.E provides the community with the most up to date information about treatments that work by doing focus groups, speaking panels and assisting medical facilities with literature and information. We feel building community relationships is the best way to continue our mission of awareness and building bridges for research especially in Cannabis and seizure control. With Florida being on the forefront of cannabis treatment and the many refugee children and families we meet, we provide resources for families about state laws and how they can treat underlying conditions through natural and safe alternative medication and therapy

2017 Southeast Cannabis expo

Video provided by www.Medical-MarijuanaFlorida.Com Larry Bomse

Larry Bomse


2017 Southeast Cannabis expo

2017 southeast Cannabis expo vendor table

media access Athletes for Cannabis Florida ( director Robert Roundtree)

Athletes for Cannabis Media access


Director Stephanie Ziemann WTOL discussing possible medicaid cuts and the potential future of special needs and programs needed for her daughters care.


We Are RARE St Augustine

Cheryl Hines


Dr Hererra Soto and Dr Regina Nelson