Schizencephaly Awareness Day Request Letters

So everyone understands the legality of making an awareness day official.

  1. We have to be consistent and show that we have done this for a multiple amount of years. ( This being our third) It has to be documented ( which we have online and via newspapers)
  2. The letters have to go through your state senate and congress ( we have forms for every state for anyone wanting to send them out below)

Only then will the awareness day be recognized as it goes through congress. State officials ( governors mayors etc ) do not have the power to make a day official. that is why we keep telling you families to get our forms and send them to your actual lawmakers.

It is imperative.

Official forms addressed to each senator and congressperson in every state are provided below. It is the ONLY legal way to make a day of awareness happen.  Just trying to clear up some confusion so you all understand a governor has no authority to make anything legal or official.

It literally takes an “Act of Congress”

If we want to see positive change we have to follow the legalities involved in making this happen. Find your state from the list below, download and send to each of your state senators.

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