Schizencephaly Awareness bracelets

mixed metals, Swarovski Crystal, all bracelets include our purple and green awareness ribbon charm $35. Breciated purple and green precious stone, bright purple and green awareness bracelet.
These are a limited time only

All designs available


Purple crystal


Green crystal


Bright purple and green

Bright purple and green



Denver Nuggets and We Are R.A.R.E.

The Denver Nuggets have partnered with We Are R.A.R.E. for a fundraiser. Start spreading the word and join us at the Pepsi Center. The Denver Nuggets will be battling the Houston Rockets. This is NOT a game to MISS! Tickets are on sale through the Denver Nuggets sponsored fundraising website Any tickets purchased at the box office or through any other means does not count towards our fundraising efforts. Help us reach our goal to sell as many tickets as possible before March 7th.

Share with your friends, family and co-workers! Click here to download a flyer to pass around Continue reading

The Kings Head British Pub

On saturday The Pub hosted our Bikini Car Wash charity event. The Kings Head British Pub would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the generosity of everyone who attended the event. To all the local businesses who supported the event. To all the volunteers who worked so hard in the heat. To all the Companies who donated raffle prizes. To THE BANDS Smooth McFlea and Railz. Most of all to Noah and his family who travelled from Orlando to come and support us.
We were overwhelmed with the generosity of all the wonderful people who attended.
We not only reached our goal of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS but overtook it!!!!!!!
Thank you all.

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