Leslie Schizencephaly Super hero March 2015

Leslie is an inspiration to many families, never hesitating to stop and chat or just joke around lifting everyone’s spirits. She is an inspiration because she lives with the more severe case of Schizencephaly. Bilateral. She faces challenges daily that some of us never think about.

We first met her two years ago when she was graduating high school and she has remained a big voice for our children with this disorder.

Congratulations Leslie. You truly are a hero to many. She wanted to say a bit about herself in her words.


“My name is Leslie and I have bilateral schizencephaly. I’m 20 years old. I live in Camden county ga (the Florida Georgia line). I have right side hemiplegia. No depth percision or hand eye coordination. Sometimes I have some mild seizure activity. I am non verbal. I went to mainstream high school and survived. My high school major was fine arts / business. In the next year I went to Roosevelt warm springs vocational school ( the best decision I have made in my life) where I studied basic business and I held multiple jobs related to business. I bloomed as a individual and independent young adult. I am fun loving and love most people. Love to blog when my mind lets me. I like making people smile. I love bright colors! I absolutely love to craft”11005519_560440620764231_1045188182_n

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