Highlight on Connor


-I dont think theres another kid with as many disorders as Connor has: congenital hydrocephalus-hypotonic cerebral palsy,cortical dyplasia,neural migration,partial agenesis of the corpus callosum-Lennox Gastaut Syndrome-epilepsy-Reactive airway disease–rotary nystigmas–of course he has a shunt and g-tube.Even though he has all of these disorders I think he functions really good–its the seizures that have taken their toll on him and made it where he cant learn and retain information–Since he cant talk or communicate I really dont know what he is thinking or if he knows what things are–besides Me and PawPAw –I tried to get him to play with a nook but with Connor everytime you grab his hand and try to get him to do stuff with it he snatches it away–so I just read to him (im not sure if he knows what I am saying) and show him pictures and videos on it–the screen is so small Im not sure how well he can see it

Connor is not on the developement level of a 11 year old–the therapists have told me he is on the level of a 8 month old mentally. I think theres alot more going on in his brain than he gets credit for because he cant express himself–recently we found out that his hip is popping in and out of its socket causing him some pain-and hsi foot has been deformed for a long time and they have just now decided to do something about it when I switched orthos Connor has never responded to pain like we do–he rarely ever cries and things that would cause anyone else pain he acts like he doesnt feel it.
Connor used to always have a smile on his face but at some point he quit smiling–I think all of the seizures and hospital stays took their toll on him–he has been in the hospital more than 60 times alot of it for repiratory isuues and he really gets mad when he gets suctioned or a mask is put on his face for oxygen or to get a breathing treatment. Since I started keeping him at home because he is bigger and its harder to go places because my van is not handicapped and I am the only one that can still lift Connor–I still carry him and put him in his wheelchair and carseat I noticed how much better his breathing has gotten and he hasnt had a hospital stay in over a year and a half for respitory issies!! He is allergic to animal dander-dust-pollen etc–he is kinda like a bubble boy and has to stay at home-everytime we go to a dr office he comes home wheezy and junky and a common cold can put him in the emergency room or ICU. Anyways I want him to be a Schiz KId of the week–also I tried to sign him up for the Birthday Wishes but it says it cant find the web page–his b-day will be July 30th and he will be 12 years old–

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